Cherokee Park - Nashville

Glendale Park - intersection of Caldwell and Lealand Lanes, Nashville
The park was originally opened as Woodstock Park but was changed to Glendale in 1890.  Rides on the site included a roller coaster, roller rink, carousel (Flying Jenny), casino, shooting galleries, and zoo.  Glendale closed in 1932.

Greenwood park - Nashville
Greenwood park operated from 1905-1949.  Rides on the site included a roller coaster, carousel, skating rink, shooting gallery, theater, and clubhouse.

Hocus Pocus Park - Magnolia Ave., Knoxville
The park operated under the name Chilhowee Park until 1965, Funway from 1966-1972, and Hocus Pocus from 1973-1981.  During that time there were 8 different coasters on the park grounds.  They included the Derby Racer (?-?), Figure 8 (1913-1922), Galaxi (1973-1981), Moon Rocket (1966-?), Roller Dips Coaster (1909-1922), Twister (1927-1937), Wild Mouse (1966-?), and an unknown name (1951-1966 or so).

Libertyland Amusement Park - 940 Early Maxwell Blvd., Memphis
The park was open from 1976-2005.

Magic World Kid's Park - Pigeon Forge
The park operated from 1976-1997 with one coaster, Dragon Coaster Ride.

Mid South Fairgrounds - Memphis
The site currently operated as Libertyland Amusement Park from 1976-2005.

Opryland USA - 2802 Opryland Drive, Nashville  Web Site
Opryland was open from 1972 until 1997 when plans were underway to convert the site into a shopping mall.  There were 6 coasters in the park when it closed.  They included Chaos (1989-1997), Hangman (1995-1997), Little Rock-N-Roller Coaster (?-1997), Rock-N-Roller Coaster (1972-1997), Screamin' Delta Demon (1984-1997), and the Wabash Cannonball (1975-1997).

Race World - 250 Island Drive, Pigeon Forge
Race World operated from 2000-2003.  During that time there were two coasters, Little D and Thunder Eagle.

Tennessee State Fairgrounds - Cumberland Park
There were 2 coasters on the site, Deep Dip Coaster (1924-1964) and Skyliner (1965-1982).

Warner's Park - Chattanooga

Woodstock Park - Nashville
See Glendale Park.