Adventureland Amusement Park - State Road 13 N, North Webster  The Dixie
The park operated in North Webster until 2001 with one steel kiddie coaster, putt-putt golf, trampolines, a pinball/video game area.  The park owners still operate The Dixie, Indiana's oldest sternwheeler.

Boyd Park - Richvalley
The park operated from 1902 until the 1930s.  The rides only lasted in the park for 7 years.  They included a scenic railway roller coaster, whirling swings, loop-the-loop, theater, picnic grounds, dance hall, and hotel.

Broad Ripple - Indianapolis  Advertisement  Photographs 1  Photographs 2  Postcards  Carousel Postcard  Carousel Today  Children's Museum
Broad Ripple began as White City.  The park included a roller coaster, circle swing with canoe shaped gondolas, carousel, and tumble bug ride.  The roller coaster was a L.A. Thompson Switchback Railway and the carousel was a Dentzel.  The carousel was on the site from 1917-1956, at the Parks Department from 1956-1962, the zoo from 1962-1970, and at the Children's Museum from 1969 to present.

See White City for a more detailed description of the site.

Electric Park - Indianapolis
Electric Park was open sometime in the 1920s and 1940s.  It had two coasters, Flying Turns and the Wild Cat.

Electric Park - outside Indianapolis
This park was set to be built in the modern era to recreate the old park themes.  It was never completed.

Enchanted Forest - 150 E. US Hwy 20, Chesterton  Postcards  Seven Peaks Waterpark
The park operated in Chesterton until 2001 with two coasters.  Both coasters were relocated to Little A-Merrick-A in Wisconsin.  Seven Peaks Waterpark currently sits on the site of this former park.

Fairview Park - Indianapolis  Book Cover  Postcard
The park was open from June 18, 1890-1922.  It contained Sherman's Refreshment Pavilion, a switchback roller coaster (1903), pony rides, canoes, shooting gallery, carousel, and miniature railroad (1903).  Butler university currently sits on the site.

Glenwood Park - New Albany  Map
Opening in 1903, Glenwood Park was along the Silver Creek in New Albany.  The area was 12 acres, which included a theater, dance pavilion, bandstand, shooting gallery, shoot the chutes, and boating. Also on the land were the only real athletic fields in the area.  Glenwood Park closed in 1931 and the land was sold four years later as a residential development.

Lakewood Park - Vincennes  Postcards
The park opened in 1901.  There is record of a roller coaster called the Figure Eight having been in the park.  In 1907 a park employee died when his car fell from the top of the coaster.

Little America - Indianapolis  Site Today
Little America was open from the 1930s-1959.  It was located on the southwest corner of 62nd Street and Keystone.  Later built in the area was the Glendale Mall.  The park has mechanized kiddie rides, recreation center, outdoor bowling, archery, tennis courts, and a golf range.

Luna Park - Indianapolis

Mesker Park Zoo & Botanical Garden - 2421 Bement Ave, Evansville  Official Site
The zoo operated for many years with amusement rides including a carousel that was was in operation from 1936-1973.  There are currently no rides on the site.  See Pleasure Park photographs.

Mounds Park - Anderson  Postcards
The park contained 1 roller coaster, Leap The Dips.

Old Indiana Fun Park - Route 47, RR2 Box 137A, Thorntown  Park Photographs  Current Site Photographs
Old Indiana operated in Thorntown in 1983 and 1985-1996.  The park operated under the names Old Indiana Fun-n-Water Park, Old Indiana Fun Park, Old Indiana, Middle Country USA, and Middle Country Renaissance Festival.  Following a miniature train accident that paralyzed a 4-year old girl and killed her grandmother, the park was forced closed.  Premier Parks purchased the land in 1997 and began storing roller coasters from Opryland, Riverside Park, and others on the site.  The park's Mad Mouse ride came from the famous Euchlid Beach in Cleveland.

Palace Gardens - Hammond

Pleasure Park - Evansville  Photographs

River Fair Family Fun Park - Clarksville
It all took place upstairs in River Falls Mall.  The signature ride in this little park was its carousel.  There were also several other flat rides as well as miniature golf, miniature train, and an arcade.  The site is currently being remodeled into a Bass Pro Shops.

Riverside Park - 1700 W 30th Street, Indianapolis  Photographs 1  Photographs 2  Postcards  Historic Indianapolis Web Site  Site Today
The park operated from 1903 until 1970.  Over the years there were a number of roller coasters in the park.
1903 -  Derby Racing Coaster, Double 8 roller coaster, Shoot-the-Chutes, circle swing, Laughing Gallery, Old Mill, skating rink
1905 -  Fire swept through the park in and destroyed many of the rides and buildings
1906 -  Gee Whiz ride
1911 -  Bathing beach, Dip-the-Dips (double track layout)
1917 -  Derby Racer burned, Thriller coaster was added (1917-1970)
1930s - There were 24 rides and 2 coasters
1935 -  The circular pool was built
1940s - Wild Mouse
1941 -  Fun House
1942 -  Miniature Railroad
1951 -  New Carousel
1957 -  New Fun House
July 28, 1956 - Fire in the central portion of the park, $100,000 in damages
1958 -  Turnpike ride

It currently sits as a Indianapolis city park.

Robison Park (originally named Swift Park) - Fort Wayne
The park operated in Fort Wayne from 1896-1919.  Many of the concessions and the Cyclone roller coaster were moved to Trier Park when Robison closed. The carousel from Robison Park is currently operating in Logansport in an indoor facility.  It is one of only three remaining carousels in the world with stationary horses.

Rose Island - Charlestown  Photographs  Article 1  Article 2  Charlestown State Park
Rose Island originally opened in 1885 as Fern Grove with owners, the Mitchell family.  In 1923 David B. G. Rose purchased a summer resort along the Ohio River near Fourteen Mile Creek in Indiana.  The park featured a pool, beach, roller coaster, carousel, restaurant, tennis courts, and bungalows.  There were also bears, monkeys, and wolves behind cages in the park.  The Idlewild and America made trips from Louisville to Rose Island daily.  The park flourished in the twenties and thirties before the '37 flood covered the site in 10 ft. of water and wiped everything out.  The state of Indiana has recently purchased the land and has made it part of the Charlestown State Park.  Still existing on the site is the pool, wishing well/fountain, and many pillars.  The entrance sign was stolen in the 1980s.

Recently released is a new video entitled "Rose Island on a Summer Day".  To order a copy, visit Schimpffs.

Sauzer's Kiddieland - US 30 and US41, Schererville  Photographs
The park operated in Schererville from 1950-1993.  It had 19 rides and 9 picnic shelters.

Also available is a video entitled "Adventures of Kiddieland".  Video is unavailable at this time.

Trier Park (later named West Swinney Park) - Fort Wayne  Postcards
See Robinson Park

White City - Indianapolis  Photographs  Postcards  Carousel Postcard  Carousel Today  Children's Museum
White City opened on May 26, 1906 in Broad Ripple Park.  It took 12 hours to pump the Shoot-the-Chutes full of water from the White River.  The park had a scenic railway, Loop-the-Loop, Bump the Bumps, Canals of Venice, and bathing beach.  On June 26, 1908 fire destroyed the park.  It was sold on March 6, 1911 to Union Traction Co.  The owners changed their company name in May 1922 to Broad Ripple Amusement Park Association.  They soon added a large roller coaster and carousel.  In 1927 the park was sold again to Oscar Baur.  He began a major modernization of the park shortly thereafter.  The following rides were new:
Temple of Mystery
Huffman's Auto Speedway
Mill Chutes
ferris wheel
Ride the Ripples
Blue Beard's Palace
Tumble Bug
miniature railroad

On opening day May 28, 1938 there were three new rides; Zephyr, Rocket Dip, and Great Ski.  In 1939 the pool underwent a renovation.  On May 18, 1945 the City Board of Park Commissioners purchased the park.  The only rides kept were the carousel and railroad.  The carousel was sent to the zoo in 1962 and the children's museum in 1970.

Wonderland - Indianapolis  Advertisement  Map  Photographs  Postcards  Site Today
Wonderland was open from 1905-August 27, 1911.  The park contained a roller coaster, Shoot-the-Chutes, Bump The Bumps, artificial lake, and electric tower.  The signature attraction in Wonderland was their reenactment of natural disasters.  There was a fire in the park on August 27, 1911, destroying everything.

Yabroudy - Morgan Ave, Evansville  Site Today
The park had several carnival rides.